3D Printing tips ! (Read 514 times)


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3D Printing tips !
December 31, 2021, 02:21:05 PM
I think that 3D printing tips is something everyone needs. So let me start with some of the tips I found out over the years that helpt me a lot with printing and making things in and around home !

First of all a tip on FREE software I use to print my designs, but also to created it.

I use most of the time to create something. And I use Ultimaker Cura

With both I can create things I come up with. And create them. But also check what others made in Tinkercad and modify it to my needs ! (And if you publish it, then mention where you got it from.

Then some tips from me on 3D printing.

What I always use on MY 3D printer with glas bed is the following. And kind of pritt stift for printing and cleaning I do with a glass cleaner ! There are many brands and they pretty much do the job.

Do not place to much clue on it, otherwise it is hard to get of the plate.

Then a other tip. Do NOT set the printing speed to fast ! Your prints will loose the smootness !

So far a few of my tips. Later more. Let me here your tips ! Or show it with a link to your YouTube video!